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Michael Jackson - BAD [Promo CD Single]

Who's BAD!

Michael Jackson - BAD [Promo CD Single]
'Bad' was a 1987 hit recording by American singer Michael Jackson. The song which has become one of his signature songs, was the second of five Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit singles from the album Bad, and was his seventh number-one single overall.[1]

The song was originally intended as a duet with longtime rival Prince. Quincy Jones, in an interview included in the Special Edition of 'Bad', said that Prince told Jackson and him that he hadn't wanted to participate because 'it would be a hit without (him)'.

In his 1988 autobiography Moonwalk, Jackson wrote: 'Bad' is a song about the street. It's about this kid from a bad neighbourhood who gets to go away to a private school. He comes back to the old neighbourhood when he's on a break from school and the kids from the neighbourhood start giving him trouble. He sings, 'I'm bad, you're bad, who's bad, who's the best?' He's saying when you're strong and good, then you're bad.'

In 2006, the single, as well as the video, was re-released as part of the Visionary - The Video Singles package.

Peak chart positions

* #1 (U.S., Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Canada)
* #3 (UK)
* #4 (France, Germany, Australia, Sweden)

Single Information:
Label: Epic
Catalog#: ESK-2808
Format: CD, Maxi-Single [Promo Not For Sale]
Country: US
Released: 09 Dec 1987
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Disco
Credits: Mastered By - Brian Gardner
Producer - Quincy Jones
Recorded By, Mixed By - Bruce Swedien
Written By - Michael Jackson

Bitrate Info:
High Quality, Mp3/V0/Variable Bitrate

Bad (Dance Extended Mix Includes 'False Fade') (8:24)

Remix - Bruce Swedien
Bad (7' Single Mix) (4:05)
Bad (Dance Remix Radio Edit) (4:50)

Remix - Bruce Swedien
Bad (Dub Version) (4:05)
Bad (A Capella) (3:49)

Michael Jackson - BAD [Promo CD Single]

Thanks DjpaulT

Michael Jackson - BAD [Promo CD Single]

“Michael Jackson - BAD [Promo CD Single]”

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