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Kylie Minogue - X (2007).......... mp3-cenneti

Kylie Minogue - X (2007).......... mp3-cenneti
Artist: Kylie Minogue
Album: X
Release Date: 21-nov-2007
Quality: 128 Kbps

01. 2 Hearts
02. Like A Drug
03. In My Arms
04. Speakerphone
05. Sensitized
06. Heart Beat Rock
07. The One
08. No More Rain
09. All I See
10. Stars
11. Wow
12. Nu-di-ty
13. Cosmic

Traditionally, Kylie Minogue has been at her best
attempting pure pop, not chasing credibility, but 'X' -
her 10th studio album, and the first since 2003's 'Body Language'
- somehow pulls off the trick of being both.
With production credits split between old hands,
like Richard Stannard and Guy Chambers,
and new faces, like Calvin Harris, the Freemasons,
and Bloodshy & Avant, the Swedish team behind Britney's 'Toxic',
'X' does a neat job of matching big hooks
with forward-thinking production tricks.
The poptimistic Kylie fan will head straight for '2 Hearts',
a sassy falling-for-you number with a glammy beat
and a chorus poised to fill a thousand Karaoke rooms,
and 'Wow' - a thumping disco number with a lot of love to give.
Scattered alongside these, however, are some slightly
more adventurous productions that demonstrate that,
despite a few years off the stage, Kylie is well up to speed
with 21st Century pop: the excellent 'Speakerphone'
begins with the sound of a strummed harp before
diffusing into a shimmering, Scandinavian-tinged electro-pop number
reminiscent of Robyn or The Knife, all snapping,
sassy beats and vocodered vocal; meanwhile, the ghetto-pop bounce
of 'Nu-di-ty' proves raunch is still by no means beyond her.
A very welcome return.

Download here

Kylie Minogue - X (2007).......... mp3-cenneti

“Kylie Minogue - X (2007).......... mp3-cenneti”

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