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Olivia - Electric [Remix EP]

Electric (Bride Of Frankenstien Remix)

Olivia - Electric [Remix EP]
Olivia - Electric [Remix EP]Here Is A Special Halloween Treat For You.

Electric was originally released as the B-Side Of Olivia's 1985 Hit Single 'Soul Kiss'. The track is only available on CD on the Japanese version of the 'Soul Kiss' album. This is the original version plus a special remix version of this really cool Olivia track. Olivia at one of her finest moments. Enjoy, Happy Halloween

Olivia - Electric [Remix EP]Single Information:
Label: MCA Records
Country: US
Released: 1985
Produced By: John Farrar

1. Electric (Original Version) (3:50)
2. Electric (Bride Of Frankestien Remix) (4:54)

Olivia Newton-John - Electric (Remix EP)

Olivia - Electric [Remix EP]

“Olivia - Electric [Remix EP]”

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