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Along Came Alex - EP

Along Came Alex - EPAlong Came Alex - EP (2007)

Along Came Alex has been circulating the internet for a few years now, who has several projects in the works. In the midst of launching a clothing line, writing a novel, and exploring modeling/photography, he's writing and recording songs. Though he hasn't officially released any material, here are a few demo tracks I've stumbled upon. He is entering the studio soon, and hopefully he'll have more information officially posted. Among the tracks are 'A Best Friend' which briefly hints at a bittersweet friendship. Also included is a track he's recorded with Erin Stucki, as well as a remix of her future debut song 'I Found You.' Hope this tides you over. Enjoy!

1. A Best Friend
2. I Found You (Ambient Remix)
3. I Got You Babe (Ft. Erin Stucki)


Along Came Alex - EP

Along Came Alex - EP

“Along Came Alex - EP”

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