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Erin Stucki - I Found You

Erin Stucki - I Found YouErin Stucki - I Found You (2007)

Erin Stucki is a rising artist from Michigan. She has been in singing competitions state-wide, and sings for a church choir. Recently, she launched a myspace featuring a few of her new demos with her friend Along Came Alex. With songs such as 'I Found You,' a song dedicated to her fiance, 'Get There Someday,' a song reminiscing upon all the childhood memories, and a blues ballad 'I Got You Babe' featuring Alex, there's a little something for everyone. This EP even includes a fun track called 'Aluminum Weave' which challenges you to keep a straight face. Enjoy!

1. I Found You
2. Get There Someday
3. I Got You Babe (Ft. Along Came Alex)
4. Aluminum Weave (Bonus Track)

DL: I Found You EP

Erin Stucki - I Found You

Erin Stucki - I Found You

“Erin Stucki - I Found You”

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