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James Horner - A Beautiful Mind - Soundtrack

James Horner - A Beautiful Mind - Soundtrack

A Beautiful Mind Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


1.Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics
2.Playing A Game Of 'Go!'
3.Looking For The Next Great Idea
4.Creating 'Governing Dynamics'
5.Cracking The Russian Codes
6.Nash Descends Into Parcher's World
7.First Drop-Off, First Kiss
8.Car Chase
9.Alicia Discovers Nash's Dark World
10.Real Or Imagined?
11.Of One Heart, Of One Mind
12.Saying Goodbye To Those You So Love
13.Teaching Mathematics Again
14.Prize Of One's Life... The Prize Of One's Mind - Charlotte Church
15.All Love Can Be
16.Closing Credits

by James Horner.

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James Horner - A Beautiful Mind - Soundtrack

“James Horner - A Beautiful Mind - Soundtrack”

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