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Vacation for 2 Weeks

Today I leave for my Graduation trip to Europe for 2 weeks where Ill visit Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, and Voltar. That means there will be no posts on the blog till I get back on July 11th. I made two more posts below just before I left so i wouldnt leave you hanging with nothing. Hopefully once I get back there will be a bunch of newer and better stuff to update and share with. Also, Im going to take away the tagboard while Im gone because I dont want that to become a free-for-all without my advisory - Ill make sure to bring it back right when I come back home. For now, I suggest the blogs Music for All, XNicky, Ali's Blog, and Kevipod to visit while Im away cuz theyre all great. Ill talk to you when I get back!


Vacation for 2 Weeks

“Vacation for 2 Weeks”

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