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Madonna - Cleo&#180;s Confessions (Mixed Up)

Madonna - Cleo´s Confessions (Mixed Up)

Madonna - CLEO's Confessions


CD 1
01. Confessions On A Dance Floor Megamix (Cleo Confessed Club Mix)
02. Hung Up (Cleo's Vogue Chillout Mix)
03. Get Together (Cleo's Fairy Aura Club Mix)
04. Sorry (Cleopatra's Chorddisco Power Mix)
05. Future Lovers (Cleo's Whispered Brilliance Club Mix)
06. I Love New York (Cleo's Funny Acid Groove Mix)
07. Let It Will Be (Cleopatra'S Burning The Dancefloor Mix)
08. Forbidden Love (Cleo's Future Electrohouse Mix)
09. Jump (Cleo's Robotic Fenix Club Mix)

CD 2
01. How High (Cleopatra's High Violins Power Mix)
02. Isaac (Cleopatra's Odalisca Power Mix)
03. Push (Cleo's Dancing On Puberty Mix)
04. Like It Or Not (Cleopatra's In Love With The Disco Mix)
05. Super Pop (Cleopatra's On The Top Power Mix)
06. Fighting Spirit (Cleo's Sparkles 'N Tears Club Mix)
07. Hung Up (Cleopatra's Pianotrip Power Mix)
08. Confessions On A Dance Floor Megamix (The Sequel ~ Cleopatra's Naked Confessions Mix)

Part 1  Part 2

Madonna - Cleo&#180;s Confessions (Mixed Up)

“Madonna - Cleo&#180;s Confessions (Mixed Up)”

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