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Scrubs Season 4 - Enhanced Soundtrack (UnOf)

Scrubs Season 4 - Enhanced Soundtrack (UnOf)

Scrubs Season 4 soundtrack

Episode 4.01 - 'My Old Friend's New Friend'
Scene: J.D. imagines his clock singing (the actual song later repeated as Turk dances around the car).

'Rapper's Delight' by Sugar Hill Gang. Album: various

Scene: The patient sings at J.D.
'Anything For Love' originally by Meatloaf. Album: various

Scene: J.D. sings the lesson-learning piano music.
Music cue from original Scrubs score by Jan Stevens. Not commercially available.
Performed by Zach Braff.

Scene: The patient sings at Elliot, and Carla feels like a third wheel when Turk and J.D. are together.
'All By Myself' by Eric Carmen. Album: 'Eric Carmen'

Episode 4.03 - 'My New Game'
Scene: Relationships, new and old, are maintained by small gestures and rededication.

'Lost Cause' by Beck. Album: 'Sea Change'

Episode 4.04 - 'My First Kill'
Scene: J.D. puts his fear to use; Molly is a supportive friend.

'Blue Eyes' by Cary Brothers. Album: 'All the Rage' EP & 'Garden State' Official Soundtrack

Episode 4.05 - 'Her Story'
Scene: Elliot and Molly attend a concert.

'Funky For You' by Common. Album: 'Like Water For Chocolate'

Scene: Elliot and Molly school Turk on rap.
'Still D.R.E.' originally by Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg. Album: '2001'

Performed by Sarah Chalke and Heather Graham.

Episode 4.06 - 'My Cake'
'Stop Joking Around' by Hawksley Workman. Album: 'For Him and the Girls'

Episode 4.07 - 'My Common Enemy'
Scene: Molly's cheer is contagious.

'Andy Griffith Theme'. Album: 'Andy Griffith Show' Soundtrack

Scene: J.D. goes to Elliot's apartment (background music).
'Thank You' by Dido. Album: 'No Angel'

Scene: J.D. and Elliot find their friendship again.
'Move On' by Jet. Album: 'Get Born'

Episode 4.08 - 'My Last Chance'
Scene: J.D. imagines what the patients do behind his back.

'In The Mood' by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Album: various

Scene: The bash continues at the apartment (background music).
'Something' by Cary Brothers. Album: 'All the Rage' EP

Scene: J.D. and Molly watch 'Sixteen Candles' (background music).
'If You Were Here' by the Thompson Twins. Album: various

Scene: Denise the ambulance driver annoys Dr. Cox.
'Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)' originally by Robert Palmer. Album: 'Addictions, Vol. 1', et al. Performed by Molly Shannon.

Scene: J.D. considers how beer can cause death (background music).
'Bust A Move' by Young MC. Album: 'Stone Cold Rhymin'

Scene: J.D. tries to convince Molly to stay; Dr. Cox and Jack help Denise.
'Honestly' by Cary Brothers. Album: 'All the Rage' EP

Episode 4.09 - 'My Malpractical Decision'
Scene: J.D. imagines Neena as a ball-buster.

'One (Finale)' from A Chorus Line by Marvin Hamlisch & Edward Kleban. Album: 'A Chorus Line' Soundtrack

Scene: J.D. makes his malpractical decision.
'I Wanna Know' by the Mavericks. Album: 'The Mavericks'

Episode 4.10 - 'My Female Trouble'
Scene: There's a stampede to be the first to treat an important patient.

'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 1st Movement' by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Episode 4.11 - 'My Unicorn'
Scene: Murray's dad sings for the staff (sung later by Franklyn and again at end).

'Hey, Good Lookin' originally by Hank Williams. Album: various
Performed by John Bennett Perry

Scene: Murray flies his plane.
'Learn To Fly' by Foo Fighters. Album: 'There is Nothing Left to Lose'

Scene: Murray's dad starts to sing to him.
'Cat's in the Cradle' originally by Harry Chapin. Album: 'Verities and Balderdash', et al.
Performed by John Bennett Perry

Episode 4.12 - 'My Best Moment'
Scene: J.D. initially remembers his best moment as a doctor.

'What the World Needs Now is Love' composed by Burt Bacharach. Performer Carpenters.

Scene: J.D. recalls another way to catch mono (background music).
'Take On Me' by a-ha. Album: 'Hunting High and Low'

Scene: Turk initially remembers his best moment as a doctor.
'Flight of the Bumblebee' by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Scene: The a cappella sing-off -- Hibbleton.
'Barbara Ann' originally by The Beach Boys. Album: various
Vocal performance by Neil Flynn, Sam Lloyd, and Paul F. Perry.

Scene: J.D. puts Elliot's advice to use; Turk remains true to himself.
'All Kinds of Time' by Fountains of Wayne. Album: 'Welcome Interstate Managers'

Episode 4.14 - 'My Lucky Charm'
Scene: Billy's example of appreciating life is taken to heart.

'Today' by Josh Radin. Album: 'First Between 3rd & 4th'

Episode 4.17 - 'My Life in Four Cameras'
Scene: Kenny performs at the talent show.

'Isn't She Lovely' originally by Stevie Wonder. Album: various
Performed by Clay Aiken.

Scene: J.D.'s sitcom fantasy gives way to real life.
'Where Everybody Knows Your Name' (Cheers Theme) performed by Colin Hay. Album: none - special recording
(Heard only in original U.S. broadcast.)

Scene: Cox takes a bold stand for his friend; J.D. exposes Turk & Carla's deeper problems.
'Windmills' by Toad The Wet Sprocket. Album: 'Dulcinea'

Episode 4.19 - 'My Best Laid Plans'
Scene: J.D. considers brushing the hair out of Molly's eye.

'Waiting For Your Letter' by Cary Brothers. Album: 'Waiting For Your Letter' EP

Scene: J.D. and Turk each experience the consequences of trying to have their cake and eat it too.
'Closer' by Josh Radin. Album: Excluseive iTunes Single

Episode 4.20 - 'My Boss's Free Haircut'
Scene: Turk follows Kelso's words of wisdom and supports Carla in the cemetery.

'Collide' by Howie Day. Album: 'Stop All The World Now'

Episode 4.21 - 'My Lips Are Sealed'
Scene: Carla moves back home, and owns up to the kiss.

'Everybody Gets What They Deserve' by The Churchills. Album: 'You Are Here'

Episode 4.22 - 'My Big Move'
Scene: Janitor's new uniform gets him noticed.

'Come On Get Happy' by The Partridge Family. Album: Partridge Family: Greatest Hits', et al.

Scene: End - Everybody sacrifices, including J.D., who announces his big move.
'Don't look Away' by Josh Radin. Album: 'First Between 3rd & 4th'

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Scrubs Season 4 - Enhanced Soundtrack (UnOf)

“Scrubs Season 4 - Enhanced Soundtrack (UnOf)”

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