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Moulin Rouge 2 - Soundtrack

Moulin Rouge 2 - Soundtrack

Moulin Rouge 2 Soundtrack


1.Your Song (Instrumental - From The 'Rehearsal Montage' Scene)
2.Sparkling Diamonds (Original Film Version) - Caroline O'Connor
3.One Day I'll Fly Away (Tony Phillips Remix) - Nicole Kidman
4.The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular) (Original Film Version) - Ewan McGregor
5.Come What May (Original Film Version) - Ewan McGregor
6.Like A Virgin (Original Film Version) - Jim Broadbent
7.Meet Me In The Red Room (Original Film Version) - Amiel
8.Your Song (Instrumental - From The 'After The Storm' Scene)
9.The Show Must Go On (Original Film Version) - Nicole Kidman
10.Ascension/Nature Boy (From The 'Death And Ascension' Scene)
11.Closing Credits: Bolero (Original Film Version)

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Moulin Rouge 2 - Soundtrack

“Moulin Rouge 2 - Soundtrack”

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